We are pleased to have submitted our planning application to the London Borough of Barnet earlier this year for 1,100 new homes including 35% affordable housing. 

The proposals will  deliver a large new town square for Cricklewood immediately next to Cricklewood Green, and see a forecasted 80% reduction in both HGV’s and cars accessing the site. In addition, the closure of the car park entrance on Cricklewood Lane will help reduce traffic congestion in the area allowing for the benefits listed further down the page to be enjoyed by local people.

As a part of our commitment to the local area we will also be providing financial contributions to the Council to help support local services, including health, education, public transport and highways.

You can find out more about the emerging proposals for the site by viewing our exhibition boards that were presented at our public consultation earlier in 2020.

You can view the planning application on the London Borough of Barnet’s Planning Portal here.

Artists’ impression of the new town square

The proposed development will also include:

  • Enhancements to Cricklewood Green such as new seating and pathways to connect to the new town square, that will be designed in partnership with the local community;
  • New workspace and a café/restaurant facing onto the new town square bringing more people to the area to help support local shops and businesses;
  • Places for children to play throughout the public realm and a new public play area towards the north of the site;
  • Community space, potentially next to the public play area;
  • New and improved pedestrian and cycle connections through the site;
  • A significant reduction in parking on site from what is currently provided to further help reduce congestion in the area;
  • Car clubs, electric charging points and high levels of secure cycle parking for residents and visitors to help promote sustainable modes of transport; and
  • 10% of the new homes to be designed for wheelchair users who will also have priority for a designated parking space.

Our Consultation

Montreaux and their design team began consulting with the London Borough of Barnet, the Greater London Authority and local residents on their design proposals from mid-2019, culminating in a public drop-in consultation in February 2020 that attracted 143 local people over two days.

To advertise the public drop-in consultation 5,000 event flyers were delivered to addresses in Barnet, Brent and Camden surrounding the site. The event was also listed on community websites and social media accounts.

Thank you to everyone who attended the drop-in consultation and to those we have met with before and after the event. The feedback you have provided has been invaluable to the team.

Montreaux are pleased that the feedback received at our consultation events has been supportive of the key community benefits, particularly the new town square.

They were also pleased that people understood the challenge of balancing their ambition to make almost half the site publicly accessible and the height of the proposed buildings, currently ranging from 3 to 25 storeys.

The exhibition boards displayed at the event earlier this year can be viewed and downloaded here.

View more by reading our May 2020 project update from earlier this year here.

Image from our public consultation held earlier this year

Contact us

We hope you found this website helpful.

If you would to get in touch to discuss the proposals further please do not hesitate to get in contact by using the details below:

Email: info@bandqcricklewood.co.uk

Phone: 020 8049 6970